ECDoE Welcomes 496 Professional Educators

Posted on Friday, 10 November 2017

By Cheera Dee Robinson

Category: Latest News

On the 2nd November 2017, the Eastern Cape Department of Education (ECDoE), welcomed 496 professional educators for Grade R into the system in Mthatha at the OR Tambo District Municipality.

With 496 grandaunts, all gathered with their families and friends, SANTS, which is a Private Higher Education Institution, hosted a graduation ceremony, where grandaunts became graduates and now have an official Diploma in Grade R Teaching, first ever in the whole of South Africa.

Professor Jean Baxen, Executive Academic Director of SANTS congratulated the class of 2017.  “You have reached significant milestone in your academic and personal journey as a qualified teacher. You have indeed chosen a noble career; filled with opportunities and possibilities to shape young minds and make a qualitative difference through what and how you teach.”

With the ECDoE facing a problem in terms of the age of teachers that are working in the system, the ECDoE has been taking extreme measures to correct this now before crisis hits, hence the 496 bursaries awarded three years ago, a further 288 were awarded to students living in and around the East London area.

In conclusion Baxen said, “With the preparation you have had, dare to be the teacher who continues to grow and expand your knowledge not only about your subject but importantly, about the world around you and beyond.  Dare to be the teacher who innovates, inspires; one unafraid to be vulnerable and make mistakes in the quest for excellence.  Dare to be the teacher who continues to try new things; reflecting on self and work to advance the education project.  Show empathy and be sympathetic to the plight of others; be it child, parent or colleague.  Stop at nothing to be the kind of teacher the programme has prepared you to be!  Congratulations again and best wishes as you sow and soar into the future of South Africa.”

Sibusisiwe Tachie, Deputy Chief Education Specialist (DCES) for ECDoE Early Childhood Development welcomed the graduates into the system saying, “This is the day we have been waiting for three years, it has been full of challenges, but we feel so blessed that the day has come.”  Tachie highlighted that being a teacher is the mother of all professionals, “Without a teacher there would be no lawyers, no doctors no nurses no nothing.”  Tachie concluded by saying, “Manage yourself, manage your class, do not wait for the HOD or your principal to do your job, you are equipped with the content knowledge, just know whatever you do, will either make or break your learners.”

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