EPWP Achieves Top Awards

Posted on Monday, 14 November 2016

By Cheera Dee Robinson

Category: Latest News

Eastern Cape Department of Education’s Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP), achieved top awards in two categories at the first Provincial Kamoso Awards, held at the Dans guest lodge in Mthatha, on the 10 November 2016 by Roads and Public Works.

EPWP’s main focus is to create work opportunities for unemployed community members, in aid to alleviate poverty.  The selection process is done by the ward counsellors and the School Governing Body.  In the 2016/2017 financial year, EPWP was given a budget of 12 million and employed the following:

  1. Admin Clerks at 5 schools in 20 Districts
  2. 75 Support Staff at 30 Special Schools
  3. 15 Teachers Assistants in Full Service Schools
  4. 75 School Gardeners
  5. 112 School Safety Patrollers
  6. 72 Cleaners and Gardeners in 20 District Offices
  7. 20 Rugby Coaches at 20 Schools

EPWP also works with ECDoE School Nutrition Programme which created 13157 work opportunities for meal servers at schools.

The first Provincial Kamoso Awards invited all Government Departments and Municipalities in the Eastern Cape to get awarded for their outstanding efforts.  ECDoE EPWP Section walked away with two trophies, one for which they received for having the best programme in the Social Sector.  This was specifically awarded to ECDoE as they are leading in creating more work opportunities of equitable shares than any other Department in the Eastern Cape.

The Second award was received by ECDoE, as according to the demographics, 2% of employees have to be persons with disability, but Inclusive Education went above and beyond that, and currently have employed 30 ex learners from Special Schools, which exceeds the requirement expected.

Selwyn Bruiners, Deputy Director from Special Programs Unit, joyfully said; “Employing so many persons with disability is music to my ears, I am over the moon.  As the Department it looks like everybody is taking this aspect very seriously and I am so proud of EPWP for doing this.  Well Done.”

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