ESSS hosts ills summit

Posted on Monday, 07 December 2015

By Cheera Dee Robinson

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The Eastern Cape Department of Education’s Chief Directorate, Education Social Support Services (ESSS), hosted an Ill’s Summit at the East London Leadership Institute, on the 03-04 December 2015.

The Ill’s Summit was prepared after research, organised with a desire to help and executed with the will to achieve.  Leadership came together from various Government Departments, Stakeholders and Partners, coming up with a Pledge to deal with Social Ill’s faced by learners in the Eastern Cape.

The Pledge is primarily based on addressing Social Ills that has a negative impact on schooling and how leadership will desirously pave the route towards Quality Education by: 

  • A. Providing nutritional support and nutrition education to learners.
  • B. Promoting wellness, and preventing the address of health-related difficulties.
  • C. Enabling and supporting teachers to respond appropriately to the welfare needs of vulnerable children.
  • D. Responding to the emotional, behavioural of mental health and wellness needs of learners and teachers.
  • E. Ensuring the safety of learners and educators, including protection from discrimination.

Social Ills that affect community’s ranges from drug use, alcohol abuse, HIV, poverty and learner pregnancy.  After the outstanding presentation given by the Eastern Cape Aids Council, the audience was in shock that just in the Eastern Cape, 35000 new infections are detected each year, but they are determined to eradicate HIV completely by 2030, and in doing so, are tirelessly educating people on condom usage, abstinence and protection.

ESSS is truly dedicated and passionate when it comes to Social Support Services within schools, you can literally hear it when Director Sharon Maasdorp addressed the audience and just speaks about different programs that they are involved in, different songs and dances that they use to reach levels of learners of all ages, when delivering their messages at schools.

Well done on the outstanding work that ESSS continues to do and a big Thank you to all the partners and stakeholders that continue to make this program a true success.

“Building Blocks to a Better Future”

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