Grade 12 Days Are Numbered

Posted on Thursday, 18 September 2014

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The King William’s Town District Teachers and learners braved the cold on Friday, 29 August 2014 as they paraded from Victoria Grounds to the Dale College school hall where Ilima Campaign and matric final exam count down were launched.

The matric class of 2014 will start their final exams in 46 days time. Ilima is one of the initiatives that have been adopted by the Eastern Cape Department of Education (ECDoE) to help the grade 12 leaners during the period of their final exams. The leaners joined camps at schools for studying these camps are supervise by the SGB members and parents.

Addressing the learners, King William’s Town District Director, Mr Sokutu said that this day was commencement of the real countdown programme.

“The countdown begs us to ask ourselves the question, ‘how many days left before the exams start?’ “We know that the route to success is hard work, and we know that you have the energy and ability to do the work,” said Sokutu.

“It would be better not to waste your time with unnecessary things and spend your time with your books. There are only 46 days left before your final examinations start and this will require a lot of discipline. Use the time that is left in a gainful way,” advised the District Director.

E.D.O and Ilima Coordinator in the King William’s Town District, Miss Matwa motivated the leaners saying that every teacher that is present today wishes you all can pass.

“When leaners look at their teachers they see people who have already succeeded in life not knowing that the success of the teacher is meaningless if you leaners do not succeed,” she said “Teachers do not go to school for salaries, because no amount of money can pay for all that they do. Their satisfaction is in the success of their leaners.”

Matwa said grade 12 is a thin line between you and your future, because it will be the grade 12 results that would take you to university.

“Do not be a 4x4 passing with level 4 ensure that you get a level 7 so that you can go through to university. The future does not need average people. No one must settle for mediocrity .Take your books and absorb all the information that was loaded to you throughout the year,” Matwa said.

Matwa reminded the learners that they must take responsibility for their own work.

“Even if you have a group study, remember that at the exam room you will write your own paper alone. Some of you have faced many challenges in the last 12 years of your life, now let the 46 days left be a good change in your life. Have an action plan, because whenever you try very hard, positive change comes. Learn in an extra ordinary way to make difference,” concluded Matwa.

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