Minister hands over 20 Computers to Mdantsane School

Posted on Monday, 04 September 2017

By Nobulali Sigabi

Category: Latest News

The first day of spring couldn’t have started on a brighter note for learners, teachers and parents of Wongalethu High School in Mdantsane, as the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans graced the shores of the Eastern Province to hand over 20 Computers.

This was an initiative that the Eastern Cape Department of Education together with the Office of the Premier became a part of as both Offices have a direct interest in the development of the Eastern Cape learner.

The handover is one on many initiatives engaged in to ensure that the Province of the Eastern Cape ceases to occupy the bottom spot when it comes to matric results. Resources are made available to both learners and teachers to make Teaching and Learning manageable and easy; ultimately this will translate in a high Matric Pass rate.

The Minister conveyed a heartfelt message of gratitude to the current principal of the School, Ms Mamatu who came during difficult times, where teacher morale was low and everybody wanted to resign. She has managed to turn around the school to what it is today, a place of dignity that boasts a healthy learning and working environment. This was affirmed by one of the teachers Ms Njamela who referred to Mamatu as a pillar of the school. The Minister also mentioned that this lady managed to increase the matric pass rate from 17% in 2012 to 34% in 2016. This indeed is a commendable effort by the principal.

“Charity begins at home, never forget where you come from, never forget your roots and never forget your community,” these were the words of the Minister as she celebrated being back home, where it all started, where her journey of education started as a young girl growing up in the dusty streets of Mdantsane. She has come back to sow seeds of success, hope and love in her home ground. 

Focusing on the girl child, in an effort to encourage them to never tire of striving to be better through education, she had this to say, “it was deliberate that I come to deliver these computers at the end of women’s month and I call upon all girls to make use of this opportunity to improve their livelihood”. She further urged all learners both girls and boys to make use of the opportunities available to them as development is brought to capacitate them. She also advised learners to ensure that they choose subjects not because they are easy but because they will be beneficial to them in the future.

“I am glad that the distribution of sanitary towels has become the agenda of government,” she mentioned that, they have not only come to present computers but to deliver sanitary towels as well. She made a commitment that the distribution will not be a once off thing, but will ensure that it becomes a monthly activity.

Warning learners against participating in ill behavior, she said, “Don’t rush to do things which you know you shouldn’t.”

The message that the minister had come to leave with learners can be summed up in the following quote by Horace Mam, “A human being is not attaining his full heights until he is educated.”

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