Selborne bids farewell to learners

Posted on Tuesday, 15 December 2015

By Cheera Dee Robinson

Category: Latest News

Headmaster Doug Voke, from Selborne Primary School in East London conducted the annual prize giving and bid farewell to his grade 7 learners on the 09 December 2015, in their 143rd year of delivering quality education.

Giving highlights of the year, Voke reportedly said, “2015 has been, yet again, a standout year in our 143 year history. Our boys have achieved on the sport field showing not only their talents and prowess but displaying over and over the correct spirit we Selbornians so earnestly strive for. A notable number of boys have extended themselves academically, excelling in Olympiads and National Challenges. Many have developed their love of music, art and drama, producing fine results in local Eisteddfods and the International Marimba Festival in Johannesburg.”

Voke went on to give the purpose of the morning and indicated to everybody present that the gathering is primarily to recognize the achievements of a number of learners whom have excelled in a number of areas of school life this year.

Trophies, certificates, medals and prizes were handed out to learners for various subjects, music, art drama, sport and service, however the way in which the learners conduct themselves, did not go unnoticed and the learners were awarded for good manners, helpfulness and diligence.

Voke graciously went on to thank all the people that contributed in some way or form this year by saying, “Success and achievement do not just appear. It takes dedicated individuals and groups and a fair amount of plain hard work to make it happen. Thank you!”  

Education is a societal matter and Voke supported this by saying, “Our parents play a vital role as partners in the education of our boys. Without your loyalty, encouragement, financial input, attendance at functions and fixtures, in addition to serving in so many ways we can never hope to reach the heights of excellence for which we strive.” 

Giving the Grade 7 report, in appreciation, Joshua van Vreden, the Chairman of Boys’ Council 2015 said, “All the things we have achieved wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated teachers.”

Voke gave the boys words of wisdom before they ventured out to join Selborne College and left them with the following words, “2015 has provided you with a thousand opportunities, I sincerely hope each one of you can claim to have grown through the successes and failures you might have experienced. Please never forget that life is a journey, nothing is promised and the development of you as a person is dependent on the choices you make.” 

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