Mobile Trolley Labs Installation






Mr X. Ntaphane





040 608 4335

Dinaledi School, Eastern Cape


Date Posted:

Current Tenders

Aug 25,2014

Important Information

The compulsory briefing session for bid no. SCMU6-14/15-0003 will be held on Thursday 07th August 2014, at Department of Education, SG’s Boardroom, Steve Tshwete Complex, Zone 6 Zwelitsha, at 10h00.

Questions pertaining to bid specifications may be directed to Mr. L. Matshoba at (040) 608 4263.

Bid documents with the necessary terms of reference are obtainable from Room BL-LS25 (Revenue Section) 1st Floor at the Department of Education Zwelitsha, on payment of a non-refundable deposit of R50.00 as from Friday, 01st August 2014 to the closing date.

Completed proposals, clearly marked with the bid number and the nature of service, must be posted to the Bids & Contracts Office, Private Bag X0032, Bisho 5605, or may be deposited in the tender box situated at the Reception area of the Department of Education, Steve Vukile Tshwete Education Complex, Zone 6, Zwelitsha not later than 11H00 on the closing date, Monday, 01st September 2014. No late, telegraphic or faxed bids/proposals will be accepted for consideration. The lowest priced or only bid/proposal will not necessarily be accepted.

The department reserves the right to accept or reject any tender.
Should you need a copy of the bid document, please contact Mr. X. Ntaphane on (040) 608 4335.